Bagged Salt

Plaisted offers a variety of bagged salts including Mega Melt ProSlicer and Ice Cutter.

Mega melt Pro slicer melts ice and snow down to 20 degrees below zero. It is also pet friendly.
Ice Cutter melts ice down to zero degrees.

Bagged Salt

bagged salt
Ice Cutter

Winter Safety Products

  • Winter Roadside saftey gear
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Reflective Vests
  • Snow Suits
  • Traction Cleats
Winter Safety Gear
Winter Safety Gear

Other Winter Products

  • Traction Grit Sand – 2 gal pail
  • 18″ Snow Plow Scoop Shovel
  • 24″ Snow Plow Push Shovel
  • 30″ Snow Plow Push Shovel
  • 36″ Snow Plow Push Shovel
30 inch Shovel

Traction Grit